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Pre Installation

Pre Installation

What do I need to do to get ready for having my carpet installed?

Pre Installation
Painting to be completed at least 2 days prior to carpet installation. This will ensure the new paint has cured and will resist scratching from the carpet backing.

to be made available on the day of carpet installation. Our carpet installers will require electricity to operate their heat bond irons that are used to join carpet. Lighting is also required in areas that do not have a natural source of light.

All other trades to be clear of the area to be installed on the day of installation. As we will be undertaking works on the floor area we require that there be no other trades stepping onto our work space.

to be made available to installers. In CBD areas a Loading Bay may need to be booked prior to installation. Client will be responsible for excessive parking fees if appropriate parking is unavailable.

requiring cutting to be completed prior to installation. Allflooringonline do not cut doors to allow for the carpet height. If Allflooringonline remove a door to allow for the installation of carpet, the door will not be trimmed or re-fitted.

Existing flooring coverings
- if removed by client, removal all staples from sub-floor, scrape floor clean & Vacuum. Smooth edge can be left in position if it does not pose a hazard in the time between carpet removal and installation of new carpet.

Furniture removal, if by client
  • To be completely removed from areas that are to be carpeted.
  • If furniture is not costed ,Allflooringonline will not be liable for any subsequent damage to furniture items.

Furniture removal, if by Allflooringonline

  • Must have cupboards cleared of shoes etc, all items should be off the floor.
  • Linen to be removed from beds. Drawers to be removed from cabinets & dressers.
  • All personal or breakable items removed.
  • Allflooringonline will remove and replace all tables & chairs, empty bookcases, coffee tables, lounge suite, beds and desks to the position that they were removed from.

Computers, Printers & Fax machines are the sole responsibility of the client.

Office stationary to be boxed up. Filing cabinets to be locked.

In-Floor heating or cables under carpet - Allflooringonline takes no responsibility for any damage to either item & should be notified if they are present prior to installation.

Smoke alarms are to be isolated prior to installation. Traces of smoke from the heat bond irons used to join carpet can activate smoke alarms. The isolation of smoke alarms is the responsibility of the client. Allflooringonline will not be held responsible for the costs incurred if a smoke alarm is triggered resulting in attendance by the emergency services.

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