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Polyflor PolySafe Std

Polysafe Standard R10 Rated resiliant sheet flooring

Product Description

  • Reinforced with Polysafe PUR for optimum appearance retention
  • Coloured quartz, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide particles incorporated in the vinyl to improve traction and safety underfoot
  • Sustainable wet slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product<
Use Areas

Ideally suited for heavy traffic areas where there are risks of water spillage and other contaminants in commercial and residential areas such as bathrooms, classrooms and food preparation areas.

  • 2mm Gauge
  • 2m x 20m Roll Size
  • 16 Shades

Supply only price:
(per sqm)

Installed in 5 days!*

Fully Installed Price (per sqm)
Concrete sub floorFully Installed including 1-2mm on concrete subfloor$64.50
Hard floorFully Installed including harboard on Timber Subfloor$90.50
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