Our Range of Carpets

Get an Carpet QuoteAt All Flooring Online we’ve used our extensive experience to sift through all the major brands and hand pick the best value carpets on the market. Each carpet range offered has been specifically selected using our years of experience in the trade. We are able to offer our customers a diverse range of carpets combining quality, color range, value and durability. We offer carpets from all the Major Brands; Godfrey Hirst, Victoria Carpets, Quest, Tuftmaster & Feltex, in every style and fibre available today. Whatever carpet type or style suits your needs, you can rest assured that All Flooring Online has got it covered. Browse our Carpets.

Our Range of Timber Floorboards

FloorboardsSelecting the right type of timber floor throughout your home is a critical decision that can enhance not only the look but also the future value of your home. At All Flooring Online we understand how important this decision is, and ensure that all timber floors we offer are of the highest quality. Whether you prefer value range laminates, Eco friendly Bamboo’s or solid raw timber’s, you can rest assured our products have been tested to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Browse our Timber Flooring

Our Range of Vinyl Flooring

VinylThe recent advancements in vinyl flooring production techniques mean that for many people vinyl flooring is again a realistic option in their home. Ease of use, durability and stunning designs are some of the real advantages of using vinyl flooring. Whether you require sheet vinyl, vinyl planks or tiles, or are after a commercial solution for your business, we have the products available to meet your needs. The key to any vinyl product is the quality of the installation, so our experienced installers give us the advantage in this ever-expanding market.  Browse our range of Vinyl Flooring.